Five-S operates as a civil construction firm, that engages in purchasing, excavating, transporting, and selling dirt, clay, soil, aggregates
and or other fill material for earthwork and soil stabilization to various commercial, industrial and public projects. 

Civil Construction


Whether you’re developing a residential expansion, a commercial space, or an industrial facility, Five-S is more than capable of exceeding your civil construction needs. 

Highways/ Streets/ Roadways

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Five-S has extensive experience in constructing highways, streets, and parking lots throughout the Gulf South. We’ve performed projects for LA-DOTD, various municipalities, as well as both private commercial and private industrial enterprises.


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With our own fleet of trucks and access to over 250 hauling units, Five-S has a proven track record of moving any size materials for any size job.  We offer our customers the use of real-time GPS, cloud-based material tracking and off-duty  police officers to monitor truckers and traffic. 

Civil Construction Materials


We procure civil materials, including but not limited to: soils, aggregate and sand. Over the last few years, we have supplied customers over 2.5 million yards of fill material and 1.5 million tons of aggregate material and demonstrate full commitment to growth in materials’ sales.